The Instructional Technology

No one can deny the fact that education is very important to learning. Nowadays, modern technology has made learning more convenient and easier. Through instructional technology application, education can now be effectively taught either through classroom or online teaching programs.

Despite proving that this type of teaching is effective, it is just normal that traditional school and their faculties are hesitant to take on this type of teaching method for fear that a day will come, human labor will not be needed anymore.

However, this fear should be set aside as it is impossible that this learning be practiced without a facilitator. Teachers will always be needed to be the one administering this program. As a matter of fact, so many skilled teachers become experts in designing learning programs used recently.

Universities who carry online teaching programs are in constant need of professionals to design and invent materials for internet teaching. These learning tools are used by most teachers for online interactions with their students.

One current example of instructional technology would be the HPT or Human Performance Technology. This is a learning program application that helps an individual’s work performance problems. It focuses on general management of work, improvement of a person, behavioral psychology and organizational development. In simple words, this program is designed to help a person improve his overall performance in his job. Without doubt, this is very essential and used by big corporations for the enhancement of their employees.

What is important in learning these days is establishing the communication and interactivity between teachers and students. This is what the program application is striving to achieve.

A person establishes his learning through 3 kinds of interaction: His interaction with his instructor, his peers and his visual aids.

Coming from the philosophical view of Moore in 1989, these interactions were noted and the most important and effective way for a student to learn is through his interaction with his learning content.