Using ICT As a Form of Classroom Technology

The use of ICT as a form of classroom technology is of advantage to people of all ages starting from elementary school to colleges. The reason why it is important for teachers to use ICT in the classroom is that it grabs the interest of children for they have access to many types of interesting technology and they therefore need to have classes that interest them too. They can improve their knowledge and have fun at the same time by using various forms of ICT equipment. This equipment also provides students with a variety of ways to learn.

The use of ICT in schools has a positive effect on students for it makes them conversant with technology. This has the advantage of making it possible for them to utilize technology in beneficial ways for the rest of their lives. For example, they can learn how to communicate effectively in writing and speaking by the use of computers and audio equipment such as microphones. The students also have access to a large amount of information when teachers use ICT as a form of classroom technology. The information is readily available from the internet.

Information and Communication Technology when used in the appropriate manner in lessons is capable of being efficient in teaching the students and motivating them. The use of technology such as whiteboards that allow for student interaction with different forms of ICT will assist students to overcome any apprehensions they have regarding education. For example, the students can discuss material projected onto whiteboards and gain the advantage of having the opportunity to understand much of the material presented in class.

The use of ICT in classrooms has the probability of improving the standard and quality of education for students. It is also beneficial for the teachers in that it helps them in simplifying their work. It reduces the time required by teachers to plan for lessons and the extra time it would take to follow up on the students. For example, if the students have access to videos, they can borrow them from the library and watch them when they are free. They can also access the information available on the internet without the teacher’s presence.

ICT in the classroom is also ideal for language teachers for they use the technology to make learning new languages easier. The language students can utilize the software available for learning new languages and use audio cassettes for practice. The use of ICT equipment like computers as classroom technology gives the students the ability to revise and research information. Classroom technology is a necessary tool for teachers to use if they want their students to succeed and they should therefore consider the use of the many forms of ICT equipment available for teaching lessons.